Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 313

Sunrise. Not nearly enough sleep. I stayed up way too late editing photos from the festival. Shouldn't have had coffee after six, but I did.

The alarm goes off and I recognize that raw feeling. I know the drill. Break it down into bits. It's cold in the house, so robe. And coffee. Yes, I know. Too much coffee. Can't fix everything at once.

For the moment, it will get me through. Then a PTG meeting and after, end of session awards program.

I'm going to be making some small prints and notecards available. I've been gathering them for a book, but I can't make that happen just yet. I don't know how many people still send physical notes, but I really like paper, textures and small bits of art. Was thinking to use images from larger work as well. I'll put them out and see what sort of feedback I get. I'd welcome your suggestions. Some of the images I'm considering are on the page. Let me know if there's something you remember and would like to see again.

I've amassed images from over twenty years of art.

It's like time travel.

I'm heading into the day. Hope your's is good.


Jen said...

Yes, please. It is nice to have a card, give a card -- have a tactile thing and a reminder of when/where/who.

Lovely idea.

DavidK said...

I've been in a bit of a grayscale mood - the grim poppet pic strikes a chord...

Anonymous said...

I like the Dark Caravan pieces. The ferris wheel, Don’t Ask Jack, The Ticket Taker (No Refunds, No Returns) and the carousel.
I’m sure there are so many other works I don’t even know about. I’d love to see what you dig up during your time travels.
I have stacks of cards hidden away in various drawers. It would be great to have something like a card holder or a frame designed to showcase the images. The poppets on my desk would like that. They might even recognize someone they know.

Anonymous said...

Small prints and notecards will be great, Lisa, I know I'd love some.

~Elaine aka Quixotic