Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 296

It's early morning. Soon the light will come sliding down the backyard fence. The autumn weather of last week is gone. This week reminds us that the desert is still in charge. For now.

I'm working, working, working. Little time to manage other things. I'm grateful for the help of friends.

October is here. I hear her whisper, just softly. Perhaps she knows I'm tired and in need of more sleep than I'm getting. I'll need it too, because soon enough she'll not be whispering, she'll be yelling. She'll want me to run with her and I know I will, to wherever she takes me.

I've been thinking a lot about early humans. Their lives were very different from ours, but there's every reason to believe they felt the change of seasons, laughed at each other, played with toys. Possibly I'm trying to find a connection from there to the human connected to its devices. Possibly I'm sensing that the definition of what it is to be human is going to change, sooner than later.

That wouldn't be so off the mark. Artists throughout history have predicted things to come. I could write pages and pages on that. But I'll leave that work to Leonard Shlain and others. My work is to make art.

I've begun to put art up on Ebay and new pieces for October in the Etsy store. POPPETSLIKEBRAINS is the coupon code. I have to find homes for this work and funds so I can keep doing what I do. Please pass this on to anyone you think might be interested. I'll take all help offered. I thank all of you who adopt poppets and art. What would I do without you? I don't even want to think about that one.

That said. Go outside today. What do you see? Is it rolling hills, a city street? Look way back to what it was before. Look way forward to what it might be in the future. Who will we be? What will we be? And around again, to where we came from. Primitive human was intelligent, inventive and as real as you and me. If I see creatures in bones, you can bet they did too.

Think about it. It's like time travel. It can be full of inspiration for your day, which I hope is a good one.


Diandra said...

I hopped over to your shop, and GIL THAT CHESS GAME IS GORGEOUS. Sorry, I am squealing. If I were rich (or anything but "poor former student), I'd totally buy it. Maybe I can at least afford one other small piece of art next month, in case I get a bonus... *sigh*

(Our poppets are residing in the livingroom. Strange enough, the cats - who will eat, break or toss everything - are leaving them alone. What could I learn about the secret powers of poppets?)

mordicai said...

Bone beasts! Anyhow, I have a pet theory-- held over from my undergrad anthropology days-- that the reason for the ubiquity of the cell phone is the SHAPE as much as anything else. The shape is basically identical to an Acheulean hand-axe, a technology that Homo has had since before it was sapiens. I think it just FEELS right, in part of the ape brain.

Jen said...

October has given me some of my more interesting poppet photos, and as the colors change, and things are revealed underneath all the green, I find worlds to discover.

So, thank YOU.

Also - quite intrigued by the photo of the poppet and the green lettuce-y beasty. :)

Anonymous said...

We live just barely out of the country, and drive into it each weekend. Your thoughts about the connection and playfulness of early humans sparked something in me, because I've noticed it several times: not just humans, but all mammals that I've observed love and play. It may sound odd, but seeing the mother goat comforting her kid after he has had a fright, or seeing young calves frolic in the field, something about that makes me feel very connected to other living things.

So that has little to do with art. But your musings on October remind me of why I love this month so much. In Appalachia it's a time of colors and wonderfully clear bright light. This is the time of year that makes me wish I had your eye to see it with.

yemamaya said...

Over here, it's not just october. It's also recession, turning the warm fall into endless novemner drizzle. And Poppets deserve better.

Jen said...

Just discovered the secret of the green creature......

love it.

D.I. Training said...

I thought you might know, but it is possible you don't. Dr. Shlain has left the building.

lisa said...

Diandra: Thank you! If it helps, I plan to list the pieces individually. It's on "the list."
Poppets do have a certain power. I'm still discovering it, even as I work on their book.

mordicai: That DOES feel right. Interesting. I have a theory too--that tattoos and piercings gained widespread acceptance in preparation for technological body modification.
Twitter could lead to Borg. Think not?

Jo: I look forward your photos. Well spoken - I like the idea of hidden worlds underneath the green. Beautiful.

lisa said...

Jo: Thank you! Yes. Often collectors tell me later, after living with pieces for awhile, that they've discovered hidden details.
I especially like that.

D. I. Training: I did not know that. Thank you. I feel a debt of grattitude especially now for his work and what it taught me. He changed my vision. No doubt I'm in a great deal of company.

ulffriend: You do have vision, obviously, otherwise you wouldn't feel the spark in someone else's words or see for yourself the connection between humans and animals. I always enjoy your input.

yemamaya: True enough, the recession has colored us all. Still, it's made us stronger. I'm glad, for one, to have Poppets with me. They help me step back and focus on things that matter more to me. Help me find the little joys in the days-- even the difficult ones.