Wednesday, June 09, 2010

more or less

Today was very hot. We tried to hide inside, but this house has lots of windows. It was built for the view, not for the climate. Who builds glass houses in the desert sun?
Silly humans!

I worked on a project that's important to me today, for a couple of hours. It's been difficult to work on certain projects. It's not the right climate for them. Silly artist!

Possibly humans could build things that fit our climates better, and then go outside to find the view. Possibly we could find time to do more of the things that matter to us.

And now, time for cornflakes and the science channel.


Betsy said...

Travelers immediately reminded me of Dune.

lisa said...

Betsy: I can see that. It reminds me of how it could be here in this desert, rather quickly.