Saturday, June 12, 2010

An ongoing day of attempting

I'll be a guest at MadCon. Two programs--lecture on creativity and a more hands-on sort of thing. Bringing art too.

Today is for cleaning the studio. It's time. Can't think. Too much stuff. Everywhere.
Brain unhappy with clutter. Can't think right.

11:30: I can see the studio floor and it is now uncluttered. many things are put away. Still, my head is a maelstrom of what I could do, should do, wish to do, cannot do, must do, forgot to do, will do.
It's a process. And not even a perfect one.

3:17? That went fast. Lunch with Ben. Chinese. Discussed ways to work better, combat anxiety (goes with the job, goes with the recession, goes with life.) Talked about a collaboration we might do.
Then library.
Hottest part of the day. Kids in pool. Aubrey and I watch Star Trek. Break. Rest. Laugh.

8:10 I spent 2 hours working in the studio on 'things I must do.' Not as much as I hoped, but enough to check some things off of my list.
At about 4pm I realized that today I wasn't going to find whatever it is I was looking for. A focus, a particular inspiration, a particular 'room' in my brain. So I compromised and put in 2 hours.

The kids (mine and Spencer's too--School is out and Max is now 8yrs) are in the pool, the bats are flying about. I have a cold drink and Indiana Jones is flying about in a tux on the outside TV. And we have a rather long earthquake. Now I'm waiting to see where it happened. So many have happened in the Baja area that I'm beginning to be able to differentiate between shakes by 'feel.'
Which brings to mind a lot of what makes living in this desert strange and dark, brutal and beautiful, more Halloween in its way than any other place I've ever known and very close to magical.

Just today Aubrey said, "These clouds. These are Magritte clouds." I agreed.

I'm going to get the quake report, and deal with whatever news it is. Then, hopefully, go back outside and watch the stars come out.

This was today.

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J.W.B. said...

Can't wait to see how the animation goes at MadCon!!