Thursday, June 17, 2010

Baseline and New Poppets

My coffee addiction has gotten out of hand. It happened gradually and, like other addictions, is related to dosage, which slipped up in small increments. I realized I'd gone from drinking three cups a day to drinking a cup in the morning, then sipping iced coffee all day. I caught myself getting a glass of iced water and then absently putting in a little coffee---so that instead of water I had a sort of coffee tea.

Effectually, this meant that except when sleeping, I've been maintaining a certain baseline of caffeine. I don't know what it is, but anything but zero is too much. Insanity!

So now I'm back to drinking my coffee in a cup, hot, at certain times of day and in between, if I have to have my 'security drink' (it is the desert, after all) it is iced green tea or juice or plain, wonderful water.

This is the kind of stuff that happens to us when we get distracted. I'll bet you have a similar story.

We took lots of photos yesterday. Well, Aubrey did. And put some of the new work on Etsy.

So now I'm off to the studio, with some green tea, to pursue my ongoing goal of working smarter and not harder.
Hope your day is good.


mordicai said...

Angry Poppet...or serial killer poppet?

lisa said...

mordicai: Angry, ANGRY Poppet, to be precise. Sometimes I want to poke the 'people in charge' with a pointy stick. This little guy makes me feel better. Angry is better than depressed.

lisa said...

oh: and if he were serial killer poppet, he'd likely be smiling.

Kelly said...

loving the new poppets, wishing I wasn't in a money drought at the moment.

Interesting about your coffee thing. My sister works at starbucks so it is really easy to get into the habit of going to see her every day. Other than that, I can do without...because my coffee isn't the same, you see.

congrats on figuring out how to wean yourself, and catching yourself before it got out of control.

jermaine just went through a bout of severe headaches, medicated with mountain dew, because he's no longer able to drink coffee all day, every day.

I think in your line of work, headaches would be a bad thing.

Drinne said...

Just so you know I saw the clear poppet on a class break today and immediately started thinking about doing something in Poppetropolis involving a poppet production of Hamlet or Hamlet's father's ghost meeting the Embarrassed Ambassador. . . . .

And Sparkly Poppet needs to come to the stage and the circus.

cmw said...

Coffee can be a hard one to kick. That caffeine headache -- no fun. Brava for catching yourself.

I'm currently switching from Starbuck Double-Shots to iced tea. Trying a variety of teas to see which one I can stick with.

Good luck.

lisa said...

kelly: I understand. We're all affected. Hopefully things will change soon. True about headaches--between the close work that causes both eye strain and neck strain, I don't need any help getting headaches. Best habit I've developed is stopping periodically to stretch and breathe. It works well.

cmw: sounds like you have some experience. once I saw that I wasn't getting any 'kick' out of the coffee, I knew I'd messed up for sure. good luck to you too.

wv is amillial--for some reason I got a picture of microscopic animals

Eden Carnes said...

I love the sunset + telephone line/pole poppet. Such wonderful works!

lisa said...

mammalfeathers: thank you! Is mammalfeathers a metaphor or creatures?

lisa said...

Drinn1: No town is complete without ghost stories. I'd say Poppetropolis needs it's spirits!