Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bright Light

There is quite a bit of new sculpture and landscaping in Palm Springs.
It's yawningly mediocre.

Scorching sun shines hard on the playground equipment.
It's dangerously hot.

Who in Palm Springs decides that decoration is more important than shelter?

Even animals with brains the size of walnuts shield their young from damaging light.


Humans are early in their evolution. Human beings are infants---and all that goes with.

Poppets wonder if humans will survive long enough to grow up. Sometimes when I look at The Poppet Who Lives on My Desk, I wish I were a dolphin.


Kelly said...

i shield my young and then i feel like a hermit. summers in minnesota werent as harsh. what the heck?

one of my friends from colorado suggested a noon meeting at the playground, i humored her and about ten minutes in she was ready to pass out or find a pool. yankees ;) (I kid, I kid)

glad you are a human and not a dolphin, I don't think dolphins can produce poppets...yet.

J.W.B. said...

:/ Hopefully silly humans will learn soon that outdoor statues become more and more a toilet for pigeons and birds as time goes on and they will take the time to build the shady spots. Summers aren't nearly as bad here. low 90's are boiling hot here...

I hope humans learn to evolve soon. Its too much about leaving problems for future generations to solve and too less about growing up and learning to take action and solve problems.

I would want to be a tortoise over a dolphin. I would take Poppet along in the shell.

lisa said...

Thanks Kelly: The last week of school, the playground equipment was taped off with the classic yellow caution stuff. No touching.
The tape melted.

J.W.B.: Thanks. I hope so too. Sometimes I apply descriptors for Babies to The Human Race. It makes me ashamed, but also sort of explains why Poppets are patient with us.
Babies and The Human Race
...believe they are at the center of everything.
...make ridiculous messes.
...are quite lovable.
...are prone to hurt themselves.

and so on.