Monday, May 31, 2010

Poppet Inspirations

Poppets tend to inspire. It might be my favorite thing about them.

There are creative images to be found on the Poppets On Tour Project.

I truly love this work by Rob Johnson:

And this animation created by James Bolan:

also found here

Hope you're having a great Memorial Day.


Diandra said...

That's right. Poppet is always hiding somewhere on (or near) my desk, peering at me while I work and making sure I don't get lost on the way. Thanks!

Mélanie said...

I submitted a few photos for the Poppets on Tour Project and I'm beginning to look a my Poppet in a different light - and even to see through his eyes, to some extent. He does act like a kind of mirror, reflecting the mood of a place and moment. I love that about Poppets. I will definitely keep on taking pictures of that little one, I'm enjoying this a lot.

lisa said...

diandra: I have a Poppet-who-lives-on-my-desk too. Definitely they keep us focused.

melanie: glad to hear that. Poppet vision certainly makes us aware of our actions on a different level. we might, eventually, begin to ask questions that will help us evolve. silly humans!