Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Arrrrgh. Gray Inertia

Some days flow by, smooth as a stream. Others not so much. Those days are chopped up by inconveniences and difficulties.

And some days just don't feel right. Nothing terrible happens, but little things are worrisome and it's hard to put one foot in front of the other.

Those are days of sad inertia. They can be brought on by lots of things but for me, it's generally burn out. Usually the burn out comes when I take on too much. Silly artist!

I tell students and fellow artists that the best thing for this sort of day is to treat yourself as if you have a cold. Rest, PJ's, good book or movie, hot chocolate or chicken soup. Those sorts of things are very effective if you can do them. But sometimes that's just not possible because of your job or other obligations.

Today was one of those days for me, when I had to push on. So I compromised and took a couple of short breaks. Put my feet up for a few minutes and read.(Robert Wexler) And while I worked, I listened to an audio book (Tender Morsels) to keep my mind from wandering to places it didn't need to go.

If you have the sort of job that doesn't allow that freedom, sometimes the best you can do is stop now and then and do some good deep breathing, promising yourself that at the earliest opportunity you'll do something to recharge.

And throughout all, remind yourself that these days happen to everyone and that they eventually give way to other sorts of days, that move as smoothly as cool spring streams.

All that said, I am taking myself to bed early, after finishing the few things that absolutely needed to be done, like tucking Orion in with a bit of reading.Because today was certainly one of those days, when I felt used up and gray and not at all shiny and writing it here, as I live it. Because my story is your story too, fellow human. Poppet told me so.


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