Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Poppets on Tour art project

We are opening a call for submissions for a Poppets On Tour art project. You can get all the details here at Poppets on Tour.

Your Poppet wants to be famous!

We've also put our classic Little Red Poppet on sale for a limited time.

Hope you'll join us as we take our Poppets for a look at the world around us.


Holly said...

I'm going to have to designate a traveling poppet from my poppet population; I keep forgetting to bring them with me!

Sylvia said...

I've ordered a Little Red Poppet on the spot. Do you have a timeline for the project? I'd like to wait until the red one arrives if there's time.

lisa said...

Holly: I keep a Little Red in a drawstring pouch that's secured to my purse.

Sylvia: We hope to have enough photos after 6 months. We may go longer to get photos from all the seasons.

So happy to have you both on board!

Lydia said...

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lisa said...

arrrrrgh. spammers