Sunday, May 02, 2010

Morning. Coffee. Black.

Thank you, no, I didn't sleep well.
You woke me with your kitchen foray,
Then the boy with his dream.
I nearly drifted off,
But my pajamas got twisted.
The fan got a squeak.
I got a drink of water
Then up again to pee.
The air was too still,
The moon too bright,
The mattress hard,
The pillow my enemy.
And then there was the ghost,
Tapping ever so lightly at the window.
I opened my eyes to look,
And have hardly blinked since.
I'd gladly welcome back all those
Other things, if to forget the one.
If only.
If only.


crydwynn said...

Have you been spying on me at night? ;) I can't tell you how many nights I have like this. Especially, the creepy sound that freezes me and won't let me back to sleep. Bad ghosts.

lisa said...

crydwynn: Your poppets told my poppets. It seems we're in good company.

crydwynn said...

Naughty poppets. They look chatty...even without mouths they look like terrible gossips. ;)

And I think "The pillow my enemy." is the greatest line. It makes me smile and snarl at the same time.