Monday, October 19, 2009

Our dishwasher suddenly died. Oh German Engineering, thou hast failed me once more. So I set out to hand wash a dishwasher chock full o stuff.
I decided if I'd be stuck at it, I may as well put on some music. I chose Berlioz, almost at random. A few moments later with my hands busy and the steam rising all around me, I realized that I truly was enjoying myself. There's a lot to be said about doing a simple job, doing it well and without distraction.
Once again---multitasking is overrated. And possibly a myth.

So, in a state of near-meditation, my mind meandered about. It was late afternoon so my stomach began to growl. Possibly it was the music, but I was reminded of years before, working in the bronze studio of the late artist, John Kennedy. I remembered being hungry there. I'd chosen a wedding dress that was a prototype, and only available in the size 4 (the old size 2). I was doing the Slim Fast thing. John never, ever had an edible thing in his house. Just canned heart of palm and wine and condiments and raw artichokes.
There was no way to cheat, so by late afternoon I'd be so hungry that the clays would become huge bars of chocolate. The melted clay in the pots, pudding, and the sluice chocolate syrup. It was maddening. It was successful. I wore the dress with ease.
It was stupid.
What the hell was I thinking? Starving myself for vanity. Black and white photos of people from the depression of the 30's would look right at home in a Vanity Fair jeans ad. I'm fairly certain the people in the photos didn't want to look fashionably gaunt and hollow-eyed, they were fucking starving. They wanted to look like Claudette Colbert.

Enough of that. Later I watched Eraserhead. It's one of those movies I've thought I should see for a long time.
If you haven't seen it, do. It's very likely the strangest film I've ever seen. I've seen some pretty weird films.


Here are a couple of discoveries from POT.
"Love Trip" by spacedlawyer

and "Boo" by cmwebb.


Adrienne has sent more photos of The House Where Poppets Live. I've been busy painting flagstones and a tiny painting and wallpapers. Making a very tiny sculpture or two for inside.



Neon said...

I watched Eraserhead for the first time years ago and it freaked me out so much that I couldnt have the video in the house- I could 'feel' its presence across the room. so I took into town and gave it to some random guy- god knows what he made of it or of me!!

Lisa, also just wanted to say how in love I am with the felt poppet and grim reaper reading poppet I just got! My mum paid for them for my birthday and im just thrilled with them.
Not sure what my other poppets think of the new giant felted one though!!

Benton Warren said...

Ha! I watched Eraserhead a couple of weeks ago myself. I told you you'd love having IFC and Sundance channels! Now you have to watch Street of Crocodiles. The visuals are about as strange but it doesn't leave you feeling so mind raped...
Much love all!

J.W.B. said...

Hey Lisa! I was just looking at the store on Etsy and saw we have the same Birthday! lol

Loraine said...

I don't think I want to watch Eraserhead...

All my friends think I'm tiny. I'm actually not that far from average weight (about 130)- I think they're just too self conscious. My best model is not a stick figure- she's a larger size, and a little on the short side- and so gorgeous she's begged for her number everywhere she goes. I think the modeling industry is missing out on a lot of beautiful models because of their refusal to accept the fact that women don't have to be toothpicks with eyes to be beautiful.

I Love the spooky little poppets. It's a great time of the year for them, isn't it?

K said...

I find washing dishes strangely satisfying, too - which is just as well as we don't have a dishwasher.

Sadly, although I like to exercise and to feel strong and healthy for its own sake, I used my wedding as a motivator for weightloss too and nothing else has ever worked as well. I'm not particularly hung up on being a specific size, but I am annoyed that my subconscious is so shallow.

I haven't seen Eraserhead, but I've heard... things...