Sunday, October 11, 2009

Putting Stuff In

This weekend was one for rejuvenation via rest. I spent a couple of hours working, but mostly rested, read, ate food I like and watched nature programs and B-movie science fiction.
(I am more inspired by the nature programs.)

Spencer and I ventured out and saw Michael Moore's latest. Most of it wasn't news, but of course it makes me angry. As always, I am reminded that there isn't a lot I can do personally to change the mess we're in. At best, I can be informed and make informed decisions. I can teach my children not to be sheep and I can 'keep my own side of the street clean.' I could go on about it here, but what would be the point? The people who read what I write are readers and generally thinkers. I'd be preaching to the choir.
President Carter tried to warn us. He told us if we didn't change our priorities we'd be in exactly the place we are now. Did we listen? I was just a kid. But obviously not, because here the fuck we are. I'm thinking things will have to get a lot worse before people are motivated to take action. That's worrisome-- partly the reason I spent the remainder of the weekend resting up.

I'll need it. Tomorrow I'll have work to do, and people counting on me.

Hope your weekend was good.


Benton Warren said...

Love you Lisa. Glad you took some time to catch up on rest.

Loraine said...

I think there is a cultural bias toward "thinking positive" that keeps people from accepting the truth if it's not something we can see in a positive light. I've heard cancer patients say that the pressure to show only positive feelings and smile all the time is extremely frustrating and doesn't actually make them feel any better. I think this is reflected on our society as a whole- don't say anything negative because then you're a "drama queen" or a "buzzkill" or whatever. So people generally ignore the truth- apparently at our peril.