Wednesday, October 14, 2009


The air is cooler, there are lots of clouds, hints of rain but no deal. Orion was up with a sore throat last night, led into a cold today. Fever kept him home on cold meds and juices with lots of Scooby Doo. How lame it is, how inexplicably well-loved all over the world. Rot the Rell?

The rats are running in the walls. I was up several times in the night to get ice chips for O. Heard them scurrying about. It seems they're coming in from the roof. My neighbor offered to lend me a couple of her many black cats...
I think it might be time to bring in a professional. My imagination conjures up all manner of character, professional rat killer, or humane trapper. Opposites, both eccentric to the sublime.
Sigh. I know it won't be anyone interesting at all. It will be someone with not an ounce of imagination and a clipboard with a rather large bill for me to sign.
I talk to Poppets sometimes. I talk to myself too, so it's not a big stretch. The first time we threaten to rip the hard drive right out of our computers (generally I tell mine I'm going to toss it into the pool.) we've already started down that road. I mostly talk to The Poppet Who Lives On My Desk. I've been known to talk to a rather large assembly of Poppets. It's quite an exercise, actually. Try staring at all those little upturned faces. Take a minute, then make your point. You'll see.
But Aubrey stunned me the other day when she asked, "Can Poppets hear?" I just stared at her. "Because," she said, "I always sort of assumed they couldn't."

Give it a moment. Let it sink in. All this time. How weird would it be if Poppets, always watching, were always only watching? If their observations of human behavior were conducted without the benefit of sound, what sort of impression would we make?
I'm just the maker. What they do after isn't up to me. I don't know. At least they wouldn't have to listen to Scooby Doo.


Dragonsally said...

mine hear me, but they are better at watching than listening, because they watch all the time.

Drinne said...

I've always though of them as kind of "other" maybe what they hear isn't what we think of as sound. But they like being around things that make music.

I've always thought they worked on a kind of telepathic communication myself. Maybe they only hear when they need to. They do enjoy the bustle of the pub.

Syd said...

I never gave any thought to the question of whether Poppets could actually hear. Like Drinne, I think maybe Poppet telepathy was in the back of my mind, because, well, Poppets may always be watching, but they also know, don't they?

My word v is spophact, which strikes me as a word strange enough to be the one that describes the accumulated Poppet senses other than sight...whatever they are. :)

spacedlaw said...

They have no apparent ears, so maybe they are lip reading? That would explain the intent look on their faces.

Stacey said...

I rarely talk to mine, although I often contemplate what they are observing. I guess I just assume that they are wiser than I, and all of my chatter would just be so much "blah blah blah" to them. I talk to myself though.

Which is odd, because I often hear their conversations in my head, and I often imagine the conversations THEY would have with ME, so I don't know how that amounts to ME never talking to THEM.

Hmmm, maybe more contemplation is in order?

Nah, I think I'll settle for some good blues. Ghosty poppet and I are sitting here enjoying the Friday Night Blues Show. We decided there weren't enough Friday Night Blues Shows in the week, so we made our own playlist that we can enjoy more often.

David Niall Wilson said...

I always figured that they could hear, but were good, silent listeners, much like other things I've gathered over the years. Katie certainly talks to hers...

As for the rats... I immediately thought of Neverwhere. I figured if any house in the world actually had rats with their own kingdom who could would be next door to the land of poppets...


ravyn said...

i think that i always thought Poppets can hear. How they speak is their choice though.

Now Foppets.... well their ears aren't ornamental ;-)