Friday, October 23, 2009


It's one of those weeks when there are way more things to be done that can be, so that choices must be made and priorities reset. In other words, I catch myself wishing, once in a while, for one more day.
Silly human! I forget sometimes, that time is not a constant. I have but to change my point of view.

Ok. I haven't exactly figured out how, but I'll let you know. I suspect it will involve rearranging some priorities, mostly involvnig honing of lists.

Aubrey and I took a break today and saw "Paranormal Activity." The popcorn was too salty and the drinks so large I could hardly carry it with one hand. What the hell?
The movie was entertaining and pretty creepy. If you're the type who creeps herself out. later, at home alone, I wouldn't recommend it.

I'm wondering where my Ouiji board is. It's not inconceivable that someone hid it away or disposed of it. Who is a mystery, as I'm not sure how long ago it went away. I've always thought of it as a toy, but not everyone shares that opinion, and more than one person has said so.

Or, it may turn up again.

Lots of work was done today. Time for rest.



spacedlaw said...

In your dreams, you might discover that I gave you an award...

Loraine said...

Creeping myself out isn't difficult... figuring out why (psychoanalytically speaking) can be, especially with regard to the fact that I am incredibly long winded.