Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Poppets Are Always Watching

Well, at least we've got this going.
Here's our first Poppet t shirt!
Sweet in front, evil on the back.
We're pretty excited.
We have different sizes in the ebay store.
These are ladies' shirts, but not to worry, more will be coming.
New work is coming. But today is for lots of water. It's hot in this desert.


mordicai said...

I would look ridiculous in that! I'll just have to wait I suppose.

lisa said...

we're going to do boy shirts too, not to worry.

gotta start somewhere

Rubius said...

ooohhhh,.... I am liking these... I want. I want.

I like the evil on the back. Very nice design.

Carl V. Anderson said...

"Sweet in front, evil on the back"...what a great tag line! ;)

This looks great! I'll be looking forward to the man's version.