Saturday, July 19, 2008

Blink Habitual has a soft switch underneath that sets up an array of lights that play over the hand underneath, making it seem a wholly different thing than the one we see in the light.

For the VCon Program book cover image, Spencer and I built a small, sort of mad laboratory for even madder Poppets.

Poppets with tools and skill.

We took lots of photos along the way to show at the convention. (We missed MimiKo. We must build a set when she's here too.)
After, I'll post the shots here,.

The set and photo shoot took about 14 hours. We were tired, but the work was good.

Sometimes it's the habitual things that hang us.

It's the anti summer. We're working through it, sort of. It comes out in the work, mostly.
Take care out there.


ravyn said...




K said...

My mind, it is boggling. Shiny!

Rubius said...

Lisa, this is so wonderful. It really takes my breath away. We are a VERY lucky con to have you.

Love the creepy fish-eye shot too. Now, whose perspective is that?


lisa said...

Thanks all of you. Life has been fairly tough lately.
The work gets us through.
Your encouragement helps get me through.
Thank you.

rubius---I'd say it's a pretty Poppety pov

Carl V. Anderson said...

That is so cool. I love the look that the glass gives to the image, that whole warped nature.

The video is really fun to...I need to watch it again tonight when the sun isn't shining in the room.

Look forward to seeing your pics!