Wednesday, July 30, 2008

bit by bit

Crash Poppet
Jordan (yes, the Jordan)
and Aubrey (yes, the Aubrey)
photo by Mimi Ko
Zoya's world
Poppet's sometimes earn hazard pay.


spacedlaw said...

Took my poppet around the Roman Forum yesterday evening...
I think it was impressed by the size of it all. Picture here.

Dan Guy said...

Jordan + Aubrey + Mimi? It's like an explosion of flavour!

ravyn said...

spacedlaw - thanks for sending the photo! And thanks for posting a link here - there is a lot of dust that has to settle before i'll be able to update the POT page, so please bear with me.

And that includes everyone who has sent in POT photos, i have them safe and sound, and i'll get them on the site, in September i think.

jordan's mom said...

I sent a copy of the photo of the girls to Neil. They certainly have grown, haven't they? It's a wonderful portrait....thanks Mimi Ko!

Rubius said...

It is a great photo. I very much enjoyed spending time with you two lovely ladies.

Mimi has suck a great eye for portraits.

Crash test poppet looks tired, like his job wears him out.

K said...

Aren't they beautiful? (And now I will admit that up till now I asssumed Jordan was a boy. Sorry, Jordan.)

The Aubrey looks like you...

lisa said...

spacedlaw: I'm so happy Poppet had a good time.

dan guy: I was taking photos of Mimi Ko as she photographed the girls. I'll put one up

ravyn: sounds good. in the meantime, one can click the photo of Poppet at the Watergate Hotel to join the Flickr group. I'll add a message to the image.

jordan's mom: yup. he phoned this morning. We are both happy to own time machines, otherwise we'd be reeling right about now.
(it's more fun to work together when you can be only eleven.)

Carl V. Anderson said...

Wonderful picture of Jordan and Aubrey!