Saturday, July 26, 2008

Jumping Off

You may think I've gone away.
I have not.
MimiKo is here, to capture Blink in a light that shows his true colors.
As for me. I'm
making things that seem to be toys at first, but
are not.
Today we took turns jumping off the roof into the water. It seems a long way from up there.
Sometimes the desert is bigger inside than out.


Fraz said...

Stop jumping off the roof right this minute! I mean it, I'll pull this blog over...

ravyn said...

Next time i come over there, *i* want to try jumping off the roof into the water.

That pierced Poppet reminds me of the tarot card 10 of Swords. Only the Poppet has only eight swords. Somber. But i like the light as well.

That photo of Blink is fabulous!

mordicai said...

Oh! St. Sebastian/Ten of Swords poppet!

Rubius said...

A firefly poppet... Lisa you are a Genius!!! That's magnificent! I also like the idea of a tarot poppet.

and Blink is terribly creepy. Love the glow.

well... if the desert is bigger inside than out... and as we already know it makes you travel in time.. it must be an archaic tardis form.

spacedlaw said...

I love that firefly poppet!