Monday, July 28, 2008


Time does.
I think of light as a magician, changing worlds and dust motes with equal grace and gravity.
I think of time as a trickster.
I don't know what to write you, exactly.
I'm in a flux here, between this and that.
So I'll say that your artist is in a large sort of and difficult sort of transition between, well,
this and that.
What I've learned, so far, is that being between this and that can be very, very hard.
And that sometimes a week can seem like one very long day.
If you're waiting for art and concerned, please don't hesitate to write to Angie at the address. If I owe you correspondence, please send me a reminder.
We're catching things up.
Children are playing in this house.
Good meals are being prepared. Friends are telling stories.
There's every reason to believe this reality will work itself out in the art.
So. I'm thinking that's the direction I'll head toward now.
Thank you for being here. Really, really.


Rubius said...

I have every confidence in your ability to balance the infinite, and come out the other side stronger and more fully aware of 'you'.

Art in itself can balance a person, in the same way that it can push a person over.

But there are many of us beside you, and if you need a shoulder, we will help you find your balance too.

ravyn said...

Flux can be good. That's where i am, and it's a bit surreal for me, but, we do keep going don't we.

Lord Daecabhir said...

As you likely know, a couple of us here in the woolly wilds of the east coast are all too familiar with being in that particular state of flux. It isn't easy, and it isn't fun, but it is an opportunity to see what can arise from the chaos of a life in serious transition. It is the best of times in many ways to appreciate the resilience, the breadth and depth of raw potential, and the capacity for leaning into every experience (pleasurable, painful, indifferent) that is part of being human.

As you have been here for us, sharing your art, your thoughts and your dreams, so are we here for you.

lisa said...

Thanks, guys.