Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Do Sea Monkey's Have Expiration Dates?

Martin Mystery: "I'd rather be crazy than narrow-minded."

Random thought: It seems that, compared to disappointment, anger is sort of easy. Right, it starts as fear. I get that, but it's like converting food to sugar--once you get to the angry form, it's easier to digest. An angry person can become a whirling dervish of productive activity and work it off. He can yell and curse and tear it off like a skin.
Disappointment is different. It sinks in like dye and clings. It clogs and slows things down. Disappointment can make you just want to eat butter.

Baaaah, Baaaaah, Baaaaaaah. Sheep that I am, I will eventually try a Test Tube Alien. Yesterday I took a break with Orion to watch Martin Mystery and have Otter pops. Orion's favorite flavor is blue. Mine is pink. I saw an ad for TTA. I'll have to get one. I could make a good case for study, marketing curiosity. After all, it could be a lot of hype about, well, not much.
In the end, it doesn't matter one bit why I'll choose to spend money on this instead of something else. The bottom line will be simply that I did.

Which reminds me. Our Sea Monkeys have been sitting around forever. Time to add water. We'll consider this entry Day 01.
If you'd like to check out Poppet Planet before we officially open on Saturday go here: . It's mostly all up, this beta version (Ravyn calls it 0.9) except for the Vernal Equinox Sale stuff, which will be up on Saturday afternoon. The forums are already running, so check in and say hi to the moderators.

Paul Fisher(Balticon Podcasts) ask me to post this You Tube creation. Parents of smallish kids will probably appreciate it most.
We are going for a walk. It's hard to hate the desert completely when the whole world smells of orange blossums. The pool water is seventy degrees. Time to dust off our suits.



Otherkin said...

Man vs. Child was great. Thanks for the link! I need to send that to my child-free profs who respond with "Yes, ...and?" when I tell them at start of term that I'm a single mom. :)

Poppet Planet is beautiful!

Dan Guy said...

Anger is way easy. I know because Yoda said so.

Otherkin said...

Short green people are always right for some reason! Between Yoda and Kermit I think I have all the spiritual and practical guidance I'll ever need.
Well, pre-Disney-ownership Kermit, anyhow...

Sci-Fi Laura said...

Disappointment is a heavier emotion, it makes you feel heavy. Anger is actually lighter, you yell and scream and throw pieces away. Your comments make so much sense to me.

Poppet Planet is beautiful, I plan on hanging out there frequently.