Friday, March 30, 2007

cocooning in company

Orion and I are under the weather, hunkering down for the duration with blankets and video games and books, Sponge Bob and Samurai Jack, juice and antibiotics.

It's Jack, actually, who teaches us to patiently wait these things out. It's Stephen King who comforts the Mom and Mr Square Pants who cracks us both up. Ouch. No laughing.

After a marathon, one can see that at some point SpongeBob jumped the proverbial shark. But when? Now that we know, we can file each into pre- or post-jump.

These could be our nerdiest moments to date.

Poppets are making their ways from here in all directions as I type this. I wish them all success in their travels. Hope some at least will send photos.

arrrgh. sniff. sigh. I will patiently put stuff into my brain while I'm too Nyquil-ed to pull anything out. Later, it will pay off. It always does.



Anonymous said...

Hope you both feel better soon!

You know, I haven't watched much Sponge Bob, just snatches here and there. Looks like a cartoon I would like though.

I miss Ren and Stimpy. Hmmm.

Robert/ GuardianAlien said...

Get well soon Lisa and Orion!

chrisa511 said...

:( Hope you two feel better soon!

There's something about sick days that are just plain enjoyable...if you took away the sick that is. I love staying in bed and drinking juice and tea, reading, and catching up on tv.

I love Samurai Jack! Perfect sick show :) That'll cheer you up.

lisa said...

Thank you all. We are getting through it.
Quixotic--watch earlier ones. I'd recommend renting Sea Stories. Good 'classic' ones in there

Robert: you are so cool. Your new puppet face is being molded as i type this.

Chris: Samurai Jack is my hero.