Saturday, March 31, 2007


There's a surreal that's particular to cold symptoms, then to the meds that treat cold symptoms. First when the cold is 'fresh', that acute hyper-alertness where air currents seem alive, like eels swimming past.
The closest approximation to this phenomenon, as I recall, happened years ago at the cryo lab. I was working very late on a project report using Xylene- based markers in a tiny office with, as I discovered, extremely poor ventilation. Clearly the experience impressed me and though I don't remember all the details, I'm pretty sure I glimpsed the other side that night.

Anyway, after that, when the cold 'sets in' there's the foggy/fuzzy world of antihistamines.

Orion felt good enough for Pete to take him to see Ninja Turtles. I, being a day or two behind him, felt only good enough to watch a marathon of Stargate SG 1 and eat fattening things.
All soft foods are fattening and, just so you know, chocolate and Alka Seltzer Plus tasted together are strange and alien and not at all in a good way.

The National Coalition Against Censorship sent me three very cool T-shirts. The back of one of them reads:
Stop Book Banning!
Kids have a right to read:
In the Night Kitchen
The Lorax
I am the Cheese
Mother Goose
The Alfred Summer
Bridge to Terabithia
etc., etc., etc.,
I agree. Possibly I should make it a mission to be sure all these are here in this house, which seems to be growing into the nest I always wanted, all on its own, which is to say, a combination of library, garden and art gallery. Huh. how'd that happen?

I got stir crazy enough to work on some little things I could do with my feet up. No writing. Too fuzzy for that one. But I made these tiny masks for poppets. I'm thinking, if I micro-drill holes in the sides and use fine wire...hmm...Little Red Poppets could actually wear these.

oh dear.


ravyn said...

ohhhhhhh, reading that i just got an idea, for next February.......

Anonymous said...

Little Red Poppet. Masks. Ooh!

Alka seltzer and chocolate - that combination does sound gross.

Carl V. Anderson said...

Hope your health is better soon. I am hyper sensitive to cold medicine and I get pretty wacked out whenever I have to take it.

Poppet masks...sounds very, very cool. Would love to see a mask that matches the one that Red has!

ivenotime said...

Or, instead of a mask, perhaps removable hair on a new Neil rat, so it can actually escape and chase weasels.... Feel better soon, seems like many are getting nasty colds now, hope yours and Orion's is on the mend!

Yoga Gal said...

Bless you! I'm going out and buying one of those T-Shirts! I remember as a very young girl taking my daddy's Esquire Magazines and reading the very wonderful but adult short stories. He wasn't always thrilled with the information I was aquiring from such writers as Phil Roth but he was thrill that I had a passion for reading. I recall a group getting upset over the story "Little Red Hiding Hood" because she had a bottle of WINE in her basket! Heavens; how shocking! Oh please! What is their problem with Mother Goose? Heaven protect us for do gooders and the rightous! Thanks for passing on this information! Namaste!

Dan Guy said...

Poppets. In masks.

Derek Ash said...

A whole line of Poppet accessories. Interchangeable clothes, hats, and purses. Soon we will need the Poppet Dream Corvette, the Poppt VW Bug, and the Poppet Camper, just to be as cool as the neighbor kid.

But damned if I won't out-do that little witch and her Barbies.