Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A Rather Large List of Stuff

I have accumulated a list of things to tell you. They are:

I’ll be attending Balticon in May. I’m not exactly sure what I’ll be doing other than exhibiting in the art show and doing some panels---possibly something with Peter Beagle too. When I know, you’ll know.
There’s a fair possibility that there will be a launch party for, which should be fun. I’ll be there, and if you’re at Balticon, I hope you’ll be there too. I don’t have any signings scheduled, but if you want to bring anything, this would be a good place for it. DreamHaven books will be there with copies of Strange Birds. Bereshith Books will likely be there with copies of Strange Attraction. I’ll be happy to sign prints too.

Balticon Volunteers
On that same note, Ravyn tells me Balticon is looking for volunteers to serve as GOH Liaisons for Author GOH Larry Niven, Art GOH Joe Bergeron, and the two Compton Crook winning authors. Volunteers must be able to stay at con all weekend to support the GOHs. Ravyn says it's a good opportunity to spend time with authors and artists. Email

One of a Kind Official Poppet Registry

If you are a collector of One of a Kind Poppets, there will be an official Registry up on PoppetPlanet. A photo with name and creation date for each Poppet is up. If you’d like your name added to your Poppet's listing, please email the information to: You can list your full name or first name or alter-ego name, geographical location, and a short quote if you like.

Gene Wolfe
If you haven’t already, don’t forget to pick up your copy of Fantasy& Science Fiction (April). Gene’s photo is on the cover, with an article entitled “How to Read Gene Wolfe” by Neil Gaiman and “Memorare” by Gene Wolfe. You don’t want to miss this one.
In addition, this month’s LOCUS, has a new review of Strange Birds.

We’re looking for someone with Flash animation skills to help with a PoppetPlanet project. I could kick myself, for someone mentioned to me at Balticon last year that if I needed techo-genius-geek help I only need mention it. I did write it down, honestly, but where, where, where?? If you’re interested, and willing to help out for art, swag and general good-will of your artist, please email Ravyn at

Vernal Equinox Sale

We will be opening the gallery with new work in the spirit of the Vernal Equinox. There will be one of a kind Poppets, unique sculpture and some really cool collaborations. March 17th – 24th.

Café Press
There will be a Café Press shop within Most of the stuff is up already, so if you’d like a sneak preview, go look around at Let us know what you think.

Ravynesque Recovering
And finally, on a happy note, it seems Ravyn’s horse, Ravynesque, is recovering well. Here in the desert, the Gurtie is very happy as well. Not only does her tooth feel better, but she has lots of new reasons to stare reproachfully at me. And I at her. It's an honest relationship, ours.


Sci-Fi Laura said...

Lisa, I am so excited that you will be coming back to Balticon. I am very tempted to volunteer, but I am usually juggling my own crew of 8-15 friends and family. I love the work as well. I was going to try and get a poppet photo with the lunar eclipse, but the clouds did not agree... perhaps in August. See you in May. Sci-Fi Laura

elsie said...

Oh, yay! I was dithering about going to Balticon, but now I can't wait to go ...

Dan Guy said...

Can't wait to see the Poppet Crew at Balticon! I tried to rope Glenn (and, like, five other people) into liasing for Niven, but so far no dice.

Carl V. Anderson said...

Man, wish I had a boatload of expendible cash! Balticon sounds great. To be there to see you AND get to help out Larry Niven...sounds almost too good to be true.

Love the poppet in the picture.

Glad to hear that Ravenesque is doing well.

Derek Ash said...

Gaia and Cool-Blue are both very striking. I like how the Poppet concept continues to mutate away from its origins, while still retaining the basic elements.

I would love to come to Balticon and meet all the fellow Poppet Planeteers, but alas, I am in the same boat as Carl, sans extra-expense-income at this point.

I am most jealous, but assume Lisa will post pictures here???

Derek Ash said...

p.s. The Poppet store is so very cool. I will be shopping for mugs, mousepads, and buttons, to be sure.

I love the cup o' joe mug!!!

R. Glipglorp said...

Not that I needed another reason to be excited about Balticon, but - awesome news! We look forward to seeing you there! -John from Columbia MD

Rubius said...

Cool Blue is very COOL... but I love the Gaia poppet... it may be my favourite so far.

sure wish I could make it to Balticon again this year... last year was a complete blast. I have never had so much fun liaising before (you really were a total delight)... I recommend liaising to anyone out there... it is the best fun at the con. No hands down.

chrisa511 said...

Great post! Love the new Poppet. She's beautiful.

I'd so like to go to Balticon. Damn distance and money! You should come by New Orleans sometimes ;)

Otherkin said...

Le sigh.
Canada is so far from everywhere when one finds oneself without a driver's license.
Actually, finding myself at all would be a nice start, I think.
Maybe I'll be waiting for me at Balticon, and I'll stand me up and break my heart!
Oh well, at least I know where to get more poppets and poppet-related medicine for splintered days.
And I will contribute, eventually, to Poppets On Tour, because it's one of those things that makes the world a better place in small ways, and because I am compelled to show off when nobody can see me.

Rubius said...

boy, do I understand what you mean Gravityslave (and I am in Canada too... on the west side)... but I have a licence and no car...

let me just say... I 'found' myself at Balticon last year... so I would have to say that I think it is a great place to find yourself.

also glad to hear about Ravenesque

Heather FaerieStar said...

"oh, can i order 10 of the gaia poppets please..."
well, if i had money thats what i'd say, and when you responded "she is a one of a kind dear" i'd say "no bother, i'll pay whatever it takes to get 10."

my favorite poppet thus far (i may be a bit biased towards green things though so...).

There is definitely a poppet journal in my future, that i can afford. Three Cheers for a poppety store!