Thursday, March 01, 2007

Days Like This

A note about pets. Anyone who has one, or is considering getting one, really should be prepared for the day to come---because it truly is a matter of when, not if---when you give a nice Vet more money than you imagined you ever would, when you clean up things you didn't know existed, and when you balance it all in that room in your head where you make sense of things that don't.
In other words, a cat with a toothache or a horse with an eye problem can make for an interesting day. Ravyn agrees.

It's going to be a long night, with work going on two computers and one very clingy post-oral- surgery feline. I've spent more time writing lately than sculpting, which works out well for Gurtie as I have a lap to sit on when I'm working at my desk. It works out well for me too because it forces me to think about how visual language does and does not translate into the linear.

It's not like time travel at all, unless I consider that I can sit down to work on a narrative piece and completely lose track of time.

I did an interview for Fantasy Magazine which will be out in April. I talked a bit about when words and art work together, and when they don't. The questions were interesting. I appreciated that they didn't ask the usual five that make me want to stick the nearest sharp object into my eye. oops, sorry Ravyn.

It still looks possible that Poppet Planet will be up and running by St Paddy's day. We'll be opening the gallery for another sale then too, with new work of mine and some new collaborations.

I see a poppet-like face has appeared on Neil's Magic 8 Ball. He has snow and freezing air, I have 80 degrees and blue skies. Perhaps we should trade houses for a week. We humans are funny with our need for novelty and change. The mountains are starting to accumulate a little snow. A lot would be better. The desert didn't get even its usual share of rain this winter. That doesn't portent well for summer.

There. It's midnight. Gurtie sleeps on my lap and Orion sleeps on the sofa. Time to put them both in their own beds and decide between sleep and coffee.



Dan Guy said...

After some pets died when I was fourteen or so I had this moment when I decided that "pets" was a pointless concept because they just go and die on you. And in the next moment I realized you could say the same of people, and I decided maybe I'd like a hamster next.

I hope my children learn from my mistakes and avoid smelly, nocturnally noisy things. Probably not, though.

Sticking a poppet in the Oracular Orb was my idea. ^_^

ravyn said...

Dan - you sooooooooooo rock!

lisa said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm curious what the "usual five" questions are... mostly so that I can avoid causing artistic people to gouge their eyes out during casual conversation.

Also, is there any specific info on which issue of Fantasy this will be in? Number, month? I'm very interested in your opinion on visual art accompanied by words. ;)

Also, I really like that Iron Man art up in the background. A.D.H.D. Man strikes again!

--P.S. This is RRNN... I just switched my blog account over to Google, and had to change my password, and am at work, and so of course cannot remember it.

jordan's mom said...

Actually, the Gene Wolfe/Neil deal is in a different fantasy magazine.

It's "Fantasy & Science Fiction", and I believe the issue just came out yesterday. It's wonderful.

lisa said...

The five. Ok

1. "How long did it take you to make that?"

2. "How long would it take ME to make that?"

3. "What is your favorite medium?"

4. "What is your favorite color?" (no kidding)

5. "How does an artist break into illustrating?" (what?)

and other favorites include:

"What is your astrological sign?"

"Is that your natural eye color?"

"Will you marry me?"

"Would you please forward my email to _________?" (authors name goes here

lisa said...

Jordans mom: Thanks again then, now everyone will want both issues. Fun for all of us.

lisa said...

shoot. I've gotta get better at blogger. Tried to add to a comment and the whole thing went away. So, to Jordan's Mom: Thanks for letting me know about Gene and Neil in Fantasy and Science Fiction, which appears to be available now? Very cool. The other magazine, Fantasy, is wildside press and will be out in April. (I need to get off this computer and get to sculpting something.)

chrisa511 said...

We have about 80 degrees and blues skies here in New Orleans too. I would kill for some snow. I've only seen snow here twice in my life, and I wouldn't even really call it snow.
I too would happily trade places with Neil after those wonderful pictures on his blog.