Thursday, April 27, 2006

A Denial, Announcements and One Precious Pearl

Ok. Let's clear this one up before it gets any more out of hand---all those emails!


.....but I did try a bite of the crunchy, crunchy tail.


I have neglected you guys way too long.

In other, more wholesome news:

My deepest thanks goes to Laura Burns, who won the special Anansi Boys Neil Gaiman Rat. Thanks too, to each and every one of you who placed bids. It was a great show of support. Neil, the CBLDF and I thank you.

I read a comment stating that the next such fundraiser would be nice as a raffle. I'm willing to try that, but know just enough about raffles to know they're more complicated than auctions. If I can get someone who knows what's up to help with the raffle nuts, bolts and general whats-its, I'm all for it. Anyone interested in helping should say so here, and I'll be in touch.


I'm preparing very soon to have another sale on the Luck's Dancer sculpture that most of you will remember from here: Neil Gaiman - Neil Gaiman's Journal: The Nook
I'll be releasing a numbered limited edition of Lucks Dancer finished exactly as the original on the kinetic sculpture. A portion of sales from these will go to CBLDF. $100 each Edition of 300, signed and numbered.

The rest will be open editions, each painted differently, as before. $50

There's your advance 'heads up' for the next sale (June 15)

(yet another example of how I listen to readers)

As for words of wisdom, I got nothin' tonight. I'm too tired to be terribly wise at the moment. I'd like to leave you with one of those little pearls I pull from the recesses of my brain (or off the studio's refrigerator door) when I'm really tired, or down, or just sick of the sound of my own voice.
But wait--- Good old refrigerator door! Here's one:

The real Han Solo shot first.



Anonymous said...

Fish heads should be saved for making Fish Tea, of course!

Fish heads, fish heads, rolypoly fish heads . . .

K said...

..."floating in the soup."

We have that on an old compilation CD, and why it's there, nobody knows.

The last time I ate fish was in 1996. It was a poached one, served whole; I was in France, a guest and trying to be polite. (I'm actually vegetarian.)

I did like the Neil 2.0's blue glasses.

Carl V. Anderson said...

I for one didn't think you actually ate the head, but that you were brave enough to eat any of the fish with it looking that way astounds me. Mad props to you Lisa! Course I'm sure you weren't actually looking at it with the same fish eye view (sorry) that we were presented while you were munching on it.

Great pearl of wisdom, I could not agree more!

Derek Ash said...

Oh, I totally understood that was the post-meal shot... it was mostly the whole "It still has eyes, and is looking up at me while I savor its rich and svory flesh..." And its got that whole "Gasp, I am completely shocked and amazed that I'm dead!" look on its face...

I love fish. Fish is yummy. Succulent even. I've never had it with the head on. That one is so colorful that it almost doesn't look real... hence me thinking it was some sculpture or something (I honest-to-God did, for like a second, but part of me knew, deep down inside, that you had consumed it... I just knew).

I'm a ravenous carnivore.

Oh and I'm back to the Lovecraft Mythos Word Verifications ('cos they never get old:
"Labtyl" Dark mother of madness, decay, and feminine hygeine products.

vandaluna said...

I was never much into fish, but then I moved to florida where we get fresh pompano, scamp and grouper. However, I've been disheartened by the reports of now much mercury really is in fish and have become squeamish once again.

jordan's mom said...

Haven't been here for a few days, and just caught your description of the Paxil-pooping chicken, which made me laugh, because we got Joe a cow that initially pooped brown beans. Now that they're gone, we can only hope that he puts it to as fine a use as it's found in your home.

I'll forward the entry to him, and you two can swap livestock stories at Balticon.