Friday, April 07, 2006

Neil 2.0

Neil says the CBLDF needs money. I said I'd make something for them. So I got out my carving tools.

There's a bit of a tour beard here, the blue glasses, a bit of gray (!) in the hair, a spider and an ipod. I told him perpaps the 3.0 Neil Ratbag might have a chip so he could say "brilliant" and "thingy." But, we can only guess what the title might be.

He tells me I'm a sick woman.

That means, he likes it.

The CBLDF is cool. The Neil 2.0 prototype is cool. The auction is here:

eBay: Gaiman Anansi Boys Collectible Rat (item 9307721668 end time Apr-14-06 1

Back to the studio for me. Later to take Orion to see Ice Age II: The Meltdown. We have begun teaching him how to tell time on an analog clock. He likes it. He's getting it. Hmm. Maybe he can teach Aubrey... then she can teach her friends. sheesh



Alcuin Bramerton said...

But have you begun to teach him that time may be just a manufactured illusion we use down here in the matrix to help us structure our perception of reality?

Carl V. Anderson said...

Very fun, and nice tie-in with Neil's latest blog post...I will definitely sign up now for the "brilliant", "thingy" Neil Rat! Ha!

Anonymous said...

I like the clean lines of the new webspace; it frames the art nicely without overwhelming it. The new NeilRat is nice - he'd go well with NeilRat 1.0 and my Gaiman book collection. Any updates on the Tiny Stories, by the way?

Robert/ GuardianAlien said...

Lisa, how could you? I was just trying to figure out how to pay for the things on your new gallery that I cannot stop thinking about and now I have to watch an Ebay auction obsessively! Thanks! I'll get you back for this. >:P

Derek Ash said...

That thingy is brilliant.

vandaluna said...

well, i put it on my watch list, but it has already superceded what I can afford! I'm very happy that it will bring in alot of money for a great cause!

Quixotic said...

New NeilRat is brilliant! Wish I had lots of free money, but instead, will settle for watching it bring in funds for a good cause.

Love the new site btw. Very nice. :)