Saturday, April 22, 2006

Puffs and sugar, for some reason and not related

It was windy today, and the air was full of dancing, swirling seed pods like this one, which is nearly four inches across. I was reminded of the opening scenes from Legends. Remember that Tom Cruise?

It was too cold and windy to swim. It was too cold and windy to swim yesterday too, but we did anyway. Today we didn't, because we remembered yesterday.

It's nearly impossible to feel truly sad while eating a popsicle. I'm fairly certain I've said this before. Occasionally though, I'm reminded of how true it is.

I'm debating throwing out the remainder of the shamefully ridiculous amount of candies the kids brought home from the grandparents. Jelly bellys are evil. And the Peeps won't be any good for at least two months. They'll only start to get chewy by then.
One cool thing emerged from the baskets though. There is this bright yellow plastic bitty in a brighter pink bonnet. You push down on her head and she lays candy from her butt while chirping cheerily away.

At last, the perfect container for Paxil. That one's a keeper.

Now I'm off to the studio again. Lots of work to be done, just to keep from getting behinder.

Chirp, chirp!


Derek Ash said...



Jelly >sniff< Bellies are NOT evil!

You take that back!

(Okay, maybe since they are nothing but wax and sugar and artificial flavoring (not to mention ridiculously over-priced)... they are a little evil.
But so am I (evil that is, not made of wax and sugar and overpriced)... And am I not loveable?)

Carl V. Anderson said...

"At last, the perfect container for Paxil. That one's a keeper."

Oh, I'm dying! Thanks for the Monday morning pick-me-up!!!

K said...

The peanut butter ones and the buttered popcorn ones are evil. At least they taste evil. The others are not, except by way of being borderline addictive.

Ridiculously overpriced, I'll accept.

We own a cow version of the, um, Paxil-dispenser. It doesn't chirp, but it does have a very jaunty expression...

KT said...

Peeps ARE only good after a couple of months, once they're nice and stale and chewy.

Until then, they're just be really satisfying.

Derek Ash said...

Oops. Just checked,
and I AM made of wax and sugar.

And overpriced.

Carl V. Anderson said...

Just popped over the new gallery site and wanted to let you both (Lisa and Ravyn) know again how terrific it is. Love the newest editions to the gallery pages and that Fox Box is incredible!!!

Rubius said...

love the puff picture... very galactic. Every so often, when I see motes dancing in a beam of light I think of that opening scene... probably one of my very favourites, and yes, that was the best Tom Cruise.... still is, in my opinion.

(this is your GoH liaison for Baltcon... just popping in to say hi.. and finding inspiring pics... (as usual)) thanks for the visual memory - I always wondered if other people liked the air in that opening scene as much as I did.