Sunday, April 30, 2006

Roll With It

As I said, when things get weird, I can always make 'toys.'
Things got weird.
This one, and all the pieces currently in Gallery II of the site, will be traveling with me to Arizona this week for LepreCon.
I won't be doing any programming but will be in the art show. If you're there, I'd certainly enjoy meeting you in person.


Derek Ash said...

This is probably one of my favorites, Lisa. The 'porcelain' mask hiding the brain and the reptilian, alien asepct of the whole thing just rings my bell. The fact that the whole thing is done in a slightly playful / slightly acabre color scheme just bumps it up a notch.

This is cool as either a literal or figurative piece. It has a lot to say metaphorically (or at least, me reading into it, it does) but its also something you can just look at and say "cool". Its simple and unelegant, but detailed and textured at the same time.

I can't tell you how much this impresses me.

When you do a convention in or around New England (the closer to Maine, the better) let me know, and my wife and I'll buy you a lobster.

Rubius said...

Now that toy might have given me nightmares as a kid... but I agree with really_rather_not_nice... it is a cool toy.

something my dad might like for xmas...hehehe

Alys Sterling said...

Ooh - I always like the toys, but I really like this one!