Saturday, September 01, 2012

More little things

  I found myself overwhelmed.  Again.  Still adjusting to a recent paradigm shift in which I stop seeing my unfinished projects as burdens, enemies or failures.  I begin to understand that planning art isn't working as well as letting it happen.  I have two unfinished book projects and half a dozen large pieces in the works and lists of inspired ideas. Waiting.
  I also have a household.  A ship in the desert that must be maintained and fueled.  And the world of Poppets.
  So yeah, like most humans, often I pick up more plates than I can juggle.  I don't like doing anything unless I can do it well.  I'm just made that way.  That includes writing here. So I tend to skip it until I have time to give it my full attention.
Right.  Maybe I'll try doing it half-assed for awhile, so that I at least show up.
  So here's a mixed bag of little things from this past week:

  The weather in the desert has been really, really weird. Feels more like Florida, especially in my  build-in-the-1950's neighborhood.

  I've concentrated my studio efforts on catching up custom poppets.  I'll post pictures as I get the photographs done.  Here's "Wolf's Moon" poppet created for Anrica Mills, who lives in South Africa.
Yesterday I saw Samsara at the theater with Pete.  Yes, that Pete.  I've been as astounded as anyone that we were able to find a protocol for peace.   I had the opportunity to tell the story to the lovely Valya Lupescu, who visited with her family last week.  I agreed with Valya, it's a good story, but I won't add it to my list.  It's in me and will show itself in the work.   I highly recommend Samsara.  Please see it on the big screen while it's available.
I continue to fear for humans.  I'm taking small steps to be part of the 'solution.' I'm from a generation of wastefulness, even though my parents weren't wasteful.  It's a frustrating thing.  For example, I make an effort to conserve water, yet there are over a hundred golf courses in this desert.  Cloud Atlas teaches me that though I'm only a drop in the proverbial bucket, the oceans are made up of drops.
With that in mind, I'm seeing all sorts of small changes I can make.  I can stop purchasing useless products, freeing up money for things I actually care about.  I can use less paper, fewer chemicals, waste less time too.
I'll make a real effort to post specifics here. But now, I must get into the studio.  Poppets must travel.
Hope your Saturday is good.

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