Wednesday, September 05, 2012


Mostly sick today and yesterday.  Summer colds for Orion and me.  A lot of reading, a bit of movie watching.  Not too much thinking.  Don't like thinking much when I'm not feeling well.  Thinking makes me want to do lots of things.  Doing lots of  things doesn't help colds get better.

 Now, a bit of downloading photos until the cold meds kick in, then more reading. Hope your Wednesday is good.



Diandra said...

Will you be making a complete tarot deck? As in, pictures of the poppets on cards? It may take years for me to earn enough to afford your tarot poppets, but I would love to use pictures of them for readings. (Or postcards, if you are "only" doing the major arcana. Gosh, I love these.)

Phaedrus2 said...

I had a good weekend. I hope you did too. I found a little clarity.

Cara de Agua said...

Justice. Man, that word makes me thirsty. A glass of water would hit the spot right now.