Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Light Finds Us

  This morning the air had a hint of cool.  Instead of grabbing a tank from the endless tank basket, I chose a comfortable shirt, twisted my hair (when did it get so long?) into something between a ponytail and bun and started this day that seems to be the start of more.
Because it is.
  For me, the end of summer is significant.  Summers are harsh in the desert.  My garden is dead.  That in itself isn't a problem.  I happen to find great beauty in my collection of leafless branches.  The "skeletons" of trees can be very sculptural and our yard is about as Addams Family as one can be in Palm Springs.  Soon enough, flowers will start to bloom all around us.  After Halloween, they'll bloom here too.
  Farther out, the world is a scary mess, the US is confused and divided and humans are worried.

 I'm one of them. I made this doodle while watching the news from Libya and the death of ambassador Stevens.

  Today is shaping up pretty much like the rest of the week.  Poppet Planet's orders got way behind thanks to a nasty cold, so I've been working long hours to catch everything up.  It's working well so far - poppets seem to be heading out my door in a steady stream and there are only three custom orders.  And one mad poppet laboratory that needs some serious maintenance.

  But yesterday I swept it aside to make this drawing because it couldn't/wouldn't wait.  Neither could the writing to go with it.  Sometimes it's just like that.  When you gotta draw, you gotta draw.  It seems we spend too much energy running from Sadness when we should embrace her.  Sadness is a teacher.  Everywhere she goes, light follows.  I hope you find peace today.

Light Finds Us


Melissa P said...

Most of the time, I think running takes more energy than facing what's out there. Usually, the light we run towards is nothing more than the maniacal gleam of some new form of madness glinting in the eyes of fellow humans. Embracing Sadness and accepting the light she brings is the only way forward, I think.

Wishing you light and peace today. I know I've been silent for a while but I've not forgotten my artist as she slaves away in the heat. Sending lots of good energy your way.

Jen said...

This is just what I needed ... so thank you. Wishing you light and peace, as well.

lisa said...

Melissa - I know you're 'out there', which means you're 'in here', which means I don't have to feel alone, ever. And your words always add insight. Thank you.

Jo: Thank you for that, and your photos and love of poppets.

crydwynn said...

So lovely. And hooray for the end of summer!

lisa said...

crydwynn- It's been a rough one, for sure. Felt like a marathon - difficult, but with moments of deep happiness.

Carrie said...

this makes me cry happy tears, such a painful few weeks xx`

lisa said...

Carrie, m'dear, I hope you find comfort and happiness. I truly believe that sadness can teach us to create joy. Experience teaches me that the most valuable lessons can cost us quite a lot. Sending love.