Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back Detail

       It's a little thing, but I thought to show you how I've been backing small prints and cards that go with Poppets.  Sometimes we buy prints and they end up curled in their mailers or stacked in envelopes waiting for framing that doesn't happen for ages because life has other plans.  By attaching backs with little hangers, we can at least have the option of putting them up. 
  I also find this a good way to handle kids drawings and photographs too.  A bit more polished than thumb tacks but simple and light.

  I have a paper cutter but this can also be done with scissors or a razor and ruler.

  I use a sturdy card backing board I get from Papermart, but you could use any mid weight cardboard.  This board  is just slightly heavier than the paper from a cereal box.
I start by backing the print or tag with one layer of cardboard using a strong spray adhesive. There are several brands available.  Then I line up the print and punch holes for the hangers.
I tie a loop of string - I use bow string but a heavy crochet or other would work too.
Then a bit of tape.

  After the string is secured, I glue this board to the one on the back of the print.  Don't forget to make sure you have the hangers at the right end!
Here's a set of four cards, printed as mirror images, so that the back will look like this:
To finish up, I lightly sand the edges of the print or card with a sanding block.  Some people are surprised to find that paper can be sanded.  I was too.  It's very effective to give a finished edge, especially when several boards are glued together.

Finally, I edge the print or card with a paint marker or I sponge acrylic paint to give a finished edge to the cardboard.
And I end up with a bit of art  ready to hang until it's framed, or not.
Or a tag that can serve as a bookmark or hang around for fun.  It's one way to turn a photograph or drawing into a gift.  You can make something unique and personal. 
It's a little thing, but sometime it's the little things that brighten a day.  Hope yours is good.

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