Monday, August 23, 2010

Soosi's sketchbook debut



J.W.B. said...

Love it! I really like that look for jumping What do you use for coloring? I am trying to get back into sketching and paper drawing again but I really only have sharpies and watercolors. lol

Kelly said...

oh my goodness. I think kittens wear me out more than newborn infants. I swear. They are the feline version of four year olds.

I love your illustrations.

crydwynn said...

I have a 12 year old cat that still sails through the air like crazy kitten. Hopefully he is an anomoly and that Soosi will not turn out that way. ;)

spacedlaw said...

Cute! And tiring I guess.

Amy said...

As I read this, I have a kitten jumping over my laptop and back to play fetch.

And she just landed on my feet and bit a toe. Ouch.

Cute drawing!

Drinne said...

I must be honest - I am dysfunctional in the world of fandom since I am not terribly fond of cats. My son thinks I do not like cats because were are too alike.

However - I adore kittens.

I think perhaps I do not like cats because I am upset with them for no longer being kittens.

I think instead of therapists you should be able to rent baskets of kittens to play with for an hour.

And then they should find good homes to rule when they are cats, just not mine. : )

My wv is piptow. I'm not sure what it means but I am sure it's adorable and a kitten would play with it.

Anonymous said...

You know, if you ever do this image as a print we would like to be your charter customers. This is exactly right - it could be our Isabelle (who is playing with my computer cord as I type....)

lisa said...

jwb: thanks! I used colored pencils.

kelly: kittens have all the joyful abandon of four-year-olds, claws like suture needles and the agility of ninjas.

crydwyn: she very well may. Tortie looks in curiously in the window, keeps her distance but still enjoys the treats I leave for her.

lisa said...

spacedlaw: yes. and yes.

amy: good company. I keep paperclips in a 60's nut bowl. Soosi loves fishing them out. (at least she doesn't string them all together--Aubrey!)

lisa said...

drinne: kittens are to cats as children are to adults. in other words, they are not similar creatures in the least.

ulffriend: wow. precognition? We're planning to do just that very soon.