Friday, April 25, 2008

Warm weather buggin

Remember that thing I said about operating on the edge of failure? I'm living that one as I type this. I'm still deep into work on several projects, a couple of which are a bit beyond anything I've done before.
And stretch, and stretch and one and two....

It's a workout, difficult and satisfying.

Still, in between, the studio buzzes along. We're deep into spring now, with summer hell around the corner. Last night I listened to Pete listing reasons to move out of the desert. Among them were:

"Ow, I burned my butt on the carseat."
"Ow, I burned my hand on the shopping cart."
"Ow, I can't have a dog."
"Ow, I looked at the sky."
"Ow, my shoes are melting."
and so on.

Summers here are tough. Springs here are beautiful, with the dread of summer.
So we decided that about mid to late May we'll have a "Bug Out" sale in the honor of bees (live and dead) in the studio, summer outside and the general state of mind of your artist.
But here's the thing---when the work is good, everything is good. Summer dread or not.

Orion and I are still swimming in our rubber suits. It's another one of those mental challenges, to force oneself to jump into cold water.

The little old man was flying his kite yesterday. I met a man who picks up his son from school every day on a skateboard. He uses a pole, gondolier-style. I asked him yesterday if I could photograph them, and he said yes.

Quick note about ebay: Rebecca (Jordan's Mom) brought to my attention that spammers are contacting some of my collectors with offers of 'second chance offers.' If you get one, it's bogus. I don't do second chance offers. If something doesn't sell, it goes into the store or to a convention or a family member claims it for his/her own.

If you do get one, let me know so I can follow up. Evil, evil spammers!

Ok. I'm off to work on projects, some Poppet and some not.

Have a great Friday


ravyn said...

Painting going on here. And sanding. And painting. Tomorrow, sailing. Then more painting. And more sanding. Rinse. Repeat.

K said...

Hmmmm. I'd wondered about those dead bees.

lisa said...

ravyn: yes, painting, sanding, sailing, swimming---clearly painting and sanding require water for balance.

k: yup. they're still dead.

spacedlaw said...

That little poppet with wings is ever so cute.