Thursday, April 03, 2008

Strange Books, Strange Panels, Strange Folk

One of the panels for Strange Machines, and a close detail below so you can get a look at the texture.

Thanks to Holly, Jade, Heather and Jess, it's moving along. Jess's panel didn't make it-- postage from the UK was ridiculous. Still, she sent me this photo of her effort with Poppets and says she'll turn her panel into art. I count that as inspiration.

Book signing at Mission Hills:
Larry Niven! We went to lunch, where the food was terrible. Really. But the conversation was great. By the last half hour, we had the seed of a story idea for Strange Light and are continuing our discussion through emails.

ok. Here this woman walks up to Peter and does a little dance and says "Guess who I am!" She turned out to be a good friend he went to college with, but our expressions seem to ask for explanation. Otherwise you'd make crazy stuff up, or just assume we look goofy for no reason.

It was great spending time with Peter. I'll put the signed copies with "Spook" Poppets in the store tomorrow. And we've made some extra "Spook" Poppets for the people who've already ordered books.

Here I just look goofy for no reason. Sometimes my eyes look slightly crossed in photos. Probably because sometimes my eyes are slightly crossed.

This is Greg Ketter, of DreamHaven Books, publisher of Strange Birds, Strange Roads.

Off to the studio I go...


Holly said...

if you need another, I've got one put together (15 x 20) just waiting to be glued and mailed.

Anonymous said...

Any chance some of us who bought one from our local independent bookstore might get a Spook Poppet?

Robert/ GuardianAlien said...

me wants spork poppet. Oh wait, you said spook poppet :/

Rubius said...

Lisa, you look stunning.

I can't wait to get my hands on this book. It should be a BLAST!!!

Carl V. Anderson said...

Larry Niven!!!! I've been aching to read the signed copy of A World Out of Time that Ravyn got for me last year. Soon...very soon.

Love your expression in that second picture!

Neon said...

Thanks for posting that picture of my jigsaw Lisa- its being turned into art as we speak!

I love Larry Niven! I'm currently half way through 'The Ringworld Engineers' which is totally awesome and inspiring- I'm reading a chapter or so every night before bed which may explain my bizarre dreams... :)

lisa said...

holly: if you send it, I'll use it

rebecca: I'll list some Spook Poppets this weekend (5th)

robert: you crack me up

rubius: it's three unusual and lovely stories

carlv: I'm loving every minute of working with Larry. Not once has he asked me if I'm getting enough sprinkles.

lisa said...

OH! I don't know if you can see it in the photos (kinda was surprised no one commented) Larry's button states:
Let's Do Lunch