Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mostly about books

I've had a great week working with Larry Niven on Strange Light. It's a mental workout on many levels, and a joyful eater of notebooks, pens and hours.

In addition, I finished the cover for the May edition of Electric Velocipede, an all-female edition that can be pre-ordered here. I've read some of the stories. Definitely worth getting. And, on the cover, Poppets!

Indeed, I built a set using a much-appreciated puzzle panel and yes, I set it on fire to create this image.

Such trickery. Such fun. It felt like play, but for the deadline and other deadlines that happened to converge this week.

This seems to be happening more often. Probably not a bad thing. Likely I need to be reminded occasionally that this stuff I do is a real job. You'd think I'd get that, given the hours I work. I don't, until I have to work hours when I don't want to work. This month has been particularly grueling. Luckily I have Pete, and now Angie, to help me remember to eat, make it to my dental appointments and not walk off cliffs.

Because when I do things that feel like play, I tend to forget things I shouldn't.

Oh yes, the dental appointments. And pain aplenty. I'm looking on the bright side of this one (ouch, even) deciding I'm happy to be at the dentist now, and not then, and that this is the price I pay for living so long. Ok, one more--- Owwwww. Then, in two weeks, more.

I put a few new things into the store. Some Little Pink's (the original 2 inch ones that no one has seen for ages) and some signed(by many authors), numbered limited edition copies of Strange Attraction.

Pete pointed me to this sweet circle of Poppets on Fond of Snape.
I like seeing photos of Poppet collections. It's sort of like working with authors. The work looks different, and more magical, out of the studio and into the worlds of others.

That's about it for now.


Janet said...

Hey, Lisa! Thanks for mentioning me on your blog :-)

I'm actually doing a project on Flickr with your skeleton poppet (I put my huge imagination to work and named him Skelly); the project is One Object 365 Days. If you'd like to see what Skelly's been up to, here's the link:

I've only dropped him twice, and luckily he didn't break...even tho he landed on a rock once! Poor Skelly :-)

Rubius said...

Wow Janet... I LOVE your idea. What a great idea.. and Skelly is a great poppet to do it with.

Rubius said...

I also wanted to say ... I adore this cover... amazing. the ghostly poppets and the puzzle piece wall... the mirror poppet... the hole into night sky .. I love it.. what a great cover.

and sorry to hear about the dental visits... those always suck.

michelle said...

I am going to further what Janet said and let you know that she is THE BIGGEST poppet fan ever. She introduced me to poppets (I only have a meager two at the moment). Skelley is doing great and become quite a handsome model who is seeing the world and being photographed quite well by Janet!

lisa said...

janet: let us know when your Flickr project is done.

rubius: thanks! I like it too. It's EV's first full color cover, so I'm really glad they like it.

smoochdog:you'll be surprised how much mischief two little Poppets can get into