Sunday, September 30, 2007

Play in the Dark

Well, we have begun to post items for the PLAY IN THE DARK sale.

Halloween season is here.

I'll be adding more pieces tomorrow, and the next day,

and the next day,

and the next day,

and likely the next day too.

and so on.

We made lots of stuff, it seems.

You'll see.


PS: Check out the RIP II Challenge. It's perfect for the season.


Anonymous said...

WOOHOO! Cute, cool and huge selection and its barely begun. Xmas was never this good.

chrisa511 said...

What a great way to kick off my favorite month of the year! I love everything so far! Happy October to you too, Lisa :)

Anonymous said...

::sigh:: I'm going to have to explain this to my husband, and I try to make it a point to NEVER explain anything to my husband. This is going to hurt, but I loves them, Precious.

ravyn said...

Oh. My. Gawd.

Ben, that witch box R0XX0RZ!!!!!!!11111ONEONEONEPONIES

Rubius said...

I agree with Ravyn... witch box... lol

but the Harliquin is the creepy one... I love her, but she scares me.... but I have to admit, I also love moon girl

The poppets (candycorn or otherwise) look like they are good enough to eat!!

K said...

We had our first trick-or-treaters today.

Not that I want to be a killjoy, but...

They didn't even get any sweeties, because we didn't have any in the house. We did say they could come back on the REAL Hallowe'en, though.

Dan Guy said...

I like to play in the dark.

I remember the precise moment when, as a child, I banished my fear of the dark. We were playing Tag War outside after dark at my birthday party. Someone spotted me and I had to flee at top speed into the low, dense foliage away from the lights of the house. I huddled in a bush in the darkness, waiting for the coast to clear, listening for footsteps, adrenaline pumping. My fear of getting caught was so much greater than my fear of the dark that I think I re-imprinted my neurosomatic circuits at that moment.

Anyway. I like playing in the dark.