Monday, September 03, 2007

In here, somewhere

It may seem that I've vanished, but I have not. I haven't blogged for a week, which might actually be a record. This has been a very busy household, with guests and preparations for school, as much work as I could fit in and over it all, lots of not-deserty clouds, not-deserty humidity and very deserty, crushing temperatures.

Orion starts kindergarten tomorrow. Soon after I'll be back in the studio, and back here (more often.)

I used to stress over pauses. I don't anymore. The work will be what it is, and generally the stuff that happens in between finds its way in there too.

Thank you, as always, for checking in.


Rubius said...

This is the time of year for crazy busy-ness.... boy do I understand waht you mean and I have no kids to send off to school. I hope Orion has a great day tomorrow.

jordan's mom said...

Hooray for Orion!

What a wonderful adventure you are beginning (I'm counting on Mommy to read you this message...)

Have Mommy take your first-day-of-school picture for us.

Carl V. Anderson said...

Sometimes I wish there were more pauses built in, it all seems to go by in way to big of a rush.

Dan Guy said...

Today was Xander's first day of first grade. He seems to have survived it unscathed. Only time will tell. One day at a time!