Saturday, July 28, 2007

Simple bits

Mostly it's the heat. It pervades every aspect of our lives this season, including time.
For instance, where do the weeks go?
They disappear in a fuzzy sort of slow -motion blur, leaving me with glimpses, like the ones you get through cars of a passing train.

Orion evading camera capture while simultaneously creating room chaos.

Orion, Ben, Matthew and Aubrey on her birthday. And cake.

Alison, and her baby, who exists in his own world. We can only speculate on that one, but the guesses are intriguing. He lives in a consciousness we can only imagine. I wonder how he's enjoying the Comic Con...

Pete tosses Orion and hangs more shades. I make art and take photos. The temperatures are 98 degress F at night. Fans are always blowing.

On Tuesday the pool guy didn't show. By Thursday our backyard had become Green Slime Pond. Yesterday it was transformed into a noxious bleach-smelling horror. Today it looks more inviting, but we won't trust it until Monday.
In this heat and humidity, things go bad very quickly. So we stay inside and play games and watch the debates on C-Span, or go downtown and walk through the misters on Palm Canyon.
I'm reading lots of Larry Niven. Exploring images for Strange Light.

Orion in his own world too. I sometimes believe I can see into it, but probably I can no more understand his vision than that of Alison's baby.
But again the glimpses. I like the glimpses.

And I do like my cameras.

Summer seems to be about moving too slowly, thinking too much. It's a fugue state and as such, is better accepted and cooperated with than fought against. It's a reminder that time is not a constant.
It, like a bout of the blues, like the flu, goes on and on until we think it will never end. Just as we accept it as permanent, the winds change, a fresh breeze blows through and we wake in time to harvest all the ideas soaked up during blistering days and midnights underwater.

I can think of it as a sort of incubation. That might work. I'll let you know.
Hope your summer is going well.


Carl V. Anderson said...

Wonderful photos...they make me feel cool and refreshed eventhough I am not in the water. Probably doesn't have the same effect for you, considering the heat there! We are no where close to that hot.

Speaking of heat, I saw Sunshine last night....WOW!!!

Rubius said...

Happy Birthday to Darling Aubrey and all my love and best of luck to Alison and the wee one.

I prefer the world of childhood. I like to live there as much as possible. In growing up I have tried as hard as I could to keep the pathway to that world open in my head. Sometimes I still remember how to speak child-speak. It is far too easy to grow up and let responsibilities and adult-logic take over. It is much harder to remember how the world looked and smelled and felt when you are a kid.

I remember that the days were longer and there were more of them than I could imagine (as I grow older the days slip past in a blur and 365 seems like a smaller and smaller number)... I remember the length of an hour was infinitely longer than it seems to be now. I remember lunches tasting better (probably because of all the love that my mom put into them) and now lunch is a burden... one more thing to plan ahead... and they don't taste nearly as good (safeway brand love cannot compare to a mother's love). The nights were definitely longer and the full moon was bigger. ... oh... and the sunshine didn't leave a tan on you when you played in it for one of those eternal hours. ... hmmm but that has to do with the way that we have been taught to treat the world.

And I remember that when I was a kid everything, I mean everything, had a soul and a spirit and I would feel guilty about so much as dropping a stuffed animal or a piece of toast instead of putting it down carefully (I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings).

Dan Guy said...

Happy (belated) birthday, Aubrey!

I'm recognizing quite a few spines on those shelves.... love it.