Sunday, July 08, 2007

Monday. Hot.

Yes. It's Palm Springs in July and yes, I did fry an egg outside. I was a little disappointed to see I'd cut off the bottom of the sign, but didn't even consider reshooting, as I nearly fried myself and my equipment in the making of this video clip. Thanks to Ravyn for the animation!

It's hot up in Quincy too, where our Cool Guy Poppet is enjoying music and hanging out with lots and lots...and lots of people at the Sierra Music Festival. I wish him (and Pete!) a great time and a safe trip home.

Yesterday we swam for a bit, Ben and Orion and I, then finally just sort of gathered around the cooler water coming out of the pool fill. Pretty soon we found ourselves unconsciously reaching our hands out to it, like campers around a fire and, ironically, talking about how California is burning. Well, Ben and me. Not so much Orion, who stayed submerged except to get air.

I'm sending out the last of the poppets from the Summer Solstace sale. Thanks to everyone. I'm looking forward to new POT photos and LOLpoppets too.
I think, to keep the Alice in Wonderland and Midsummer Night's Dream series from overtaking the gallery sales, I'll start putting some of those up in between events. I'm also going to do my best to make a few things, like Little Red Poppets, Little Blue Poppets, Little Pink always available.

That said, I'm getting to work.

Have a good Monday!


Janet said...

There were three more poppets waiting for me in the mail when I got home on Sunday! Hoorah!

Dan Guy said...

I am plotting my next LOLpoppet. Mwahahaha.

So hot here. Xander and Molly say, "Let's go bike riding!" And I just shudder with sunstroke.