Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Cold and Hot

A few days ago I finally succumbed to the cold Orion had, and promptly lost my voice to the merest whisper. Now it's returning, in part, skipping like a cheap ballpoint pen. It's an entirely annoying thing, and impossible to control. Here is where I gain sympathy for adolescent boys.

Once again I wonder if the Fortune Teller is indeed cursed. Last week was slated for finishing it. Instead I spent it nursing this cold, eating chicken soup and taking vitamins, trying to avoid the pneumonia I'm prone to, and being thoroughly depressed. Adding insult to injury, my cold meds completely wired me last night, so that I was able to conjure every possible thing I could worry about, which doesn't allow for a lot of sleeping.

Ah well. It takes living through a few real catastrophes to help one appreciate an ordinary crappy day for what it is. I'll take it. After all, it will pass. They always do.

Poppets are headed out to people who bought them in the auctions. Thank you. And now I'm starting to prepare for Balticon. For about five minutes I considered taking Fortune Teller with me. I don't dare. It's already impossibly late for its destination and I'm not tempting fate any further.

And now I hear Griffith Park is burning. It's not fire season yet. It's going to be a hot, dry summer. I need a popsicle.


Anonymous said...

Ugh, horrible inconsiderate colds! Currently nursing a horrible lingering headache at the moment, and a case of the miseries. Hope you're feeling better very soon.

Dan Guy said...

We're all sick here with some sort of feverish, sore throat malady. Alas. And I have so much preparation to do for Balticon, and Harper Collins wants Neil's site migrated by the end of the month, and my anniversary is this month. Whee!

Derek Ash said...

No one here is currently suffering from the plague, butI am deathly afraid of it happening, as I am also quite prone to both pneumonia and bronchitis (we should start a club or something) and it seems like a cough is never just a cough with me. Currently taking loads of vitamins and various other pills and preventative lozenges, fizzies, etc. in order to keep my head above water. After all, I just scored a promotion...

And oh yeah, my wife just informed me a while back that we'll be having a baby.

So there's that.



jordan's mom said...

Pneumonia, huh? Sorry to hear it, Croaky. Still, Balticon won't be Balticon without some debilitating illness or other. Remember last year's TMJ?

In any event, I'm quite sure that whatever you choose to bring along for the Art Show will be wonderful and lovely, and we'll all end up bringing home new goodies. Until then, rest and be well.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. It would seem I've been accidentally "outed." That last comment was from me, actually.

Carl V. Anderson said...

Popsicles are indeed a good 'cure-all'. Hope you're feeling back to normal soon.

It has been too hot here already (nothing compared to your part of the country) and I'm already dreading summer!