Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Pre-Balticon Post

This week was mostly for catching up and preparing to leave for Balticon.

Among the work I'm taking to the art show are "Little Pink's Play", which is sweet, and creepy (my favorite!)


"Schrodinger's Poppet", which strangely appears to hold an 'alive' Little Red Poppet when viewed from one angle, and a 'dead' Poppet when viewed from another, also creepy.
Creepy is good.
I thought about including a little text with the sculpture about Schrodinger and his famous dead and alive quantum cat. Ben said, "If they don't know already they don't deserve to know." Ben is evil. I'm thinking, we don't need any text. I'll be there for anyone who'd like to talk a bit about Schrodinger's cat.

Maybe I'll learn something new.
I did learn that it's extremely difficult to shoot video of a moving object enclosed in glass. We'll need more time for that one. Maybe next time I do a piece like this---which will be soon,

because I liked making this one a lot.

We're swimming again, Orion and me. In a few weeks, my hair will be greenish and I'll feel human again.
Pete and Orion already have plans for movies and swimming and arcades while I'm away. I'm looking forward to happy photos sent on cell phones.

If you're reading this and will be at Balticon, there will be a Poppet Planet Party on Saturday at 5pm. I'll be there to talk about Poppets, and art and whatever other bits of this crazy, charmed life come to mind. I'd love to meet you.
There will be cake.
It's rumored to be of the Poppet variety...
We have a backlog of great POT photos that will get added to the website after the convention. As our beloved webmaster Ravyn is also Con-Chair for Balticon, she's been a little busy these last few weeks.
But when we get back, we'll both be back to work with a vengeance. Or something like that.
Ben too. Because nothing else happens until the Fortune Teller is finished. Sheesh.

And swimming. And blogging. It's been fairly sporatic lately. I didn't feel well for weeks, which sucked enough to make me appreciate ordinary days more than ever.
Off to Balticon your artist goes...


Anonymous said...

Schrodinger's Poppet is AWESOME. I love the whole concept. Thanks for sharing the photos!

Also love Little Pink's Play.

Hope you all have a great time at Balticon!

Dan Guy said...

Whooo! See you soon.

I can't wait to see these pieces in person.

Carl V. Anderson said...

Wonderful stuff! As always your creativity suprises shouldn't because you're awesome, but it does.

I hope your trip to Balticon is fantastic. Can't wait for a report and pics. I'll be with the Poppet Planet gang in spirit, if not in spirits.

Yoga Gal said...

LOVE the darling mousie!
Have fun at the con!