Sunday, May 13, 2007


That cold I mentioned the other day moved south, to my lungs, and grew into a real bear. If we want to consider resting to be productive, then I was indeed productive. I watched the entire first season of Dead Like Me, which I found to be layered and smart and extremely satisfying.
I read Sean Stewart's Mockingbird. (forgive my lack of links---I'm still under--will fix later).
Possibly I'm biased because the protagonist's family background seemed so familiar---sub tropical setting, elements of witchcraft and loads of Southern wisdom. It moved along with humor and grace and a touch of mystery. It left me with something worth keeping.
Thanks, Sean.

I did have some interesting ideas. I wrote them down.

That's it then. I'm still here, sort of.

Time to be horizontal again.



Anonymous said...

Ugh so sorry you're still poorly. :(

I loved Dead Like Me, really enjoyable and as you say - layered and smart. It was an unexpected gem!

Hope you're feeling better soon.

Dan Guy said...

Get better soon, Lisa!

Lori and I love Dead Like Me. Some network or other has been re-running it, I'm blanking on which one.

I like what of Sean Stewart's work that I've seen. I should seek out more of it.

Heather FaerieStar said...

zinc, zinc is good against evil little things invading your body.

lying on the couch watching tv is better though.
Dead Like Me is a recent discovery for me too (well, i knew it existed, but i didnt have showtime or whatever network it was on)... LOVE IT, waiting on the fourth disc to finally cycle around to me at my library... Then im getting in line for the discs from the second season...

zinc, zinc, zinc....

Miss Bliss said...

So sorry you are sick. I had a couple of really bad years with upper respiratory crap and finally did some research and started taking Astragalus and Host Defense (which is an Asian mushroom complex). Both can be found at Whole Foods and other places I'm sure. They support your immune system and specifically the upper respiratory stuff. It's helped A LOT! Best of luck.

Yoga Gal said...

Fan of your art.
Being sick on Mother's Day doesn't sound like fun. Get lots of rest and drink ginger tea.
At the yoga studio a lot of the students have been coming down with colds and or sinus infection due to these windy days and they brush fires spread all kinds of stuff in the air. My advice use eye drops saline nasal spray.
But now that's it in your lungs go to the doctor! Good health.