Friday, May 18, 2007

Trick of the Light

Experience tells me it's very nearly impossible to get a decent photograph of the moon without setting up the tripod and camera properly. Still, I couldn't resist trying to catch the new sliver when I already had camera in hand. I tried a different approach--- jiggling the camera slightly. These three were the best of the seven I snapped--but one of them makes a pretty good Halloweeny mask.

thought you'd like them.

Everyone around here seems to be getting well.

Funny, my favorite new sculpture for the Balticon Art Show is based on a trick of the light too. I'm just finishing it up, being a bit behind schedule, but will put a couple of photos up before I whisk it away with me.

It's called Schrodinger's Poppet, and I think you'll like it too.

I was delighted when someone sent me a link to this niftyPoppet travel log: Sweet! Well, as sweet as Poppets get...



Anonymous said...

Like the photos! I always mean to try and capture some interesting photos of the moon, and more generally just photos at night...

Schrodinger's Poppet!?! Sounds intriguing. Look forward to the photos.

Glad everyone is getting well. That's good to hear.

K said...

Sorry to hear you've been ill - hope the healing continues apace.

I too am intrigued; also charmed by Bookfool's site.

Dan Guy said...

That last pic looks like a giant lunar bellybutton.

I can't wait to see Schrodinger's Poppet!

Bookfool said...
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Bookfool said...

Thanks for the mention. My poppet is not very creepy; she tends to be quite fascinated with everything. Maybe poppets are an extension of ourselves? I'm not very creepy, either. :)

The moon is awfully hard to photograph. I love the way you used the light.

Thanks to K for the nice comment, also. :)