Sunday, November 26, 2006

Little Pink's Mask

I'd thought to have a sort of winter queen poppet for the holidays, so last week I started painting some poppets, looking for the 'right' design.

Now it's this week, and I'm finished painting poppets which are each different from the other.

So there are several wearing gowns fit for a regal queenly sort of poppet.

Then, partly in response to being called "Scrooge McBitter", painted some holiday sorts of poppets.

After that, I realized I really did want to explore colors and designs one poppet at a time and really didn't want to paint any that were exactly like any others. Not this time.

Note: not to worry, there will be plenty of Little Red Poppets.

Last night Pete and I and dozens of Little Red Poppets began watching An Inconvenient Truth. Some of the poppets hid themselves away. Some went to the studio refrigerator in search of courage. The rest are gathering under my desk, deciding what constructive thing they might do about any of this.

I decided I'll do whatever they decide and, in the meantime, learn to enjoy whatever moment I'm in. This is a tall order for someone like me, but I think I can master it if properly motivated.

Visions of glacier ice dropping into the ocean is plenty.

The last color I explored was Ballet pink. The tube says 'rose', but I know ballet pink when I see it. And explore it I did, finding some new poppet places to go back to later.

By the time I was finished with pink I had twenty five unique poppets for the holidays. I'll get them all listed on December 2nd, for a nearly all-poppet winter gift sale.


jestersdna said...

I thought I was scrooge mcbitter?

Carl V. Anderson said...

I can't wait to see all the new, unique poppets. So...I assume An Inconvenient Truth was good...if such a film can be reviewed in terms like that. It is one that I really should take the time to see.

Miss Bliss said...

oh...OH...ballet pink...YAY! Looking forward to the sale!

lisa said...

mydearjestersdna: you possess a capacity for scrooge mcbitterness beyond human comprehension. I bow in humble thanks for the fleeting moment my soul warmed in the bright sun of your namesake.

CarlV: I didn't like everything about how the facts were presented. But really, the fact of our glaciers melting into the sea alone is enough that I'd say everyone should see it.

MissBliss: the pink of practice shoes. Begs to become Poppet, don't you think?