Wednesday, November 29, 2006

If ever there was a blustery day, this is it. Behind me, through the window, the sails we put up in the summer to protect us from the sun are dancing. I always loved that image of white fabric blowing in the breeze. Even laundry on a line. I've held a painting in mind like that for a long time---been thinkiing of using the image for one of the 'Strange' chapbooks.

But for now I'm painting poppets. I'm also painting poppets on things. The time just seems right for poppets.


Well, Lisa, I don't rightly know. Likely it's the kind of question that will answer itself in the future.

But for now, why doesn't matter one bit.

Our friend Lawrence is leaving for a mountain climb in Equador next week. He is taking a poppet with him.

That seems right too and not even silly at all.

It's most definitely a blustery day. I think I shall dress Orion and we'll go out in it.

Be back later...


K said...

You redecorated!

It was a blustery day here too, and we went out for a blustery sunny windy walk. Our hair flew around madly. I got slapped in the face by a large flying leaf. We explored a plantation of birches and fruiting rowan trees.

We went out sad and worried. Although nothing much had changed, we came back refreshed. I made cake. Life is continuing.

Sometimes there's nothing to do but heed the call of the wind and just get out there. And not worry about silly.

jestersdna said...

Sanguine shades work for this, great choice.

ravyn said...

thanks, we're transitioning, as i juggle my work deadlines, LOL.

Now if there's someone out there who is an ace at editing blogger templates, i need some assistance. Email me :-)

Carl V. Anderson said...

I like the new colors, it seems very festive and appropriate for the holiday season.

I love the word 'blustery'...always reminds me of Winnie the Pooh.