Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bit of Fortune

A little sneak preview:


Today, just two days from the opening of the Winter Sale, we work on the kinetic fortune teller.

Ben tinkers with the engineering that opens and closes Jack's eyes, I on the wheel that turns behind him.

The wheel has twelve spaces for fortunes, a random one of which will eventually stop at a big red arrow.

Why is it random? One could apply Chaos Theory, which isn't like time travel at all.

We're eating vegitable soup and talking about fortune cookies, then fortunes, then fate, then the Fates, then fortune cookie stories.

We start to make up fortunes and Fates and realize if Pete were here we could take this discussion to a higher level of comedy and madness. We decide to save it for later.

It's cold outside. And windy and energizing.
Change is good for creativity, and for the human. The cold desert is a different animal, no matter that it looks only subtly different than in its summer coat.

I painted carousel figures for two collectors who have been astoundingly gracious.

P.O.T. :This image from Rebecca during last week's snowstorm in Seattle.

I hear it's going to snow in the Chicago area sooner than later. Stay warm out there.

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