Thursday, November 16, 2006

War of the Monsters

The War of the Monsters booms and crashes behind me. Ben and Orion duke it out.

Sometimes you’ve gotta forget about the alphabet, left and right, where your shoes go and what absolutely must not be flushed down the toilet. Sometimes you must become a giant robot that can jump over buildings and shoot fireballs.

That suddenly seems more important than what I was planning to write.

All the art is finally back and put away, a path is cleared to the studio and I’m ever so ready to work. The rest of the year, and then some, will be likely be mostly brains and/or bowls.

I don’t know why. But I know.

Maybe you can figure that one out. Every time I think about it my toe hurts.

I'm told we work things out in the work. I believe this to be true.

There will also be poppets. There may always be poppets, of some kind or another, even though other phases come and go. Poppets have been with me so far, unaffected by geography, real or imagined. By now, it seems reasonable to think they will never disappear completely.

I’m not yet sure where that sits with me.

Boom! You threw a building at me?! Roar!


Anonymous said...

Brains and/or bowls... In moments of crisis and doubt one needs to go back to the essentials, to the origin, to when, a very long time ago, we became the 'homo sapiens' we are told we are. We became 'us' because, it seems, we could think and make tools, very basic ones, at first. And because you are not simply a 'homo' sapiens, at heart, but a woman, when you come to the essentials you put brains next to bowls, instead of next to spears and arrows, the other kind of first tools made by man. You are, even in the darkest moments, more connected to a life-giving drive than to a life-threatening one. Orion around surely helps. For him, you can't but go on. And we are all grateful.

Anonymous said...

"Sometimes you must become a giant robot that can jump over buildings and shoot fireballs."

What would we do without kids to reboot us into our simple youth? Oh, wait - I don't have any kids! But I do miss playing with my nephews. Guess I'll have to go chase the dogs around the back yard.