Monday, October 09, 2006

Really, is it October?

I have more photos from POT at the Carnival, and some interesting poppet photos from readers. Currently my computer is misbehaving on this point to the degree that I've called in an expert. Until he gets here, I am to muddle through and resist the urge to photograph said computer at the bottom of the pool.
After stomping it for hours on end.

Orion, Ben and I are still swimming. We have decided to stop looking at the thermometer. I'm not considering heating the pool --- I don't really like heated pools. But maybe a hot tub...

Thanks to David K and daughter Alia for some interesting fossils from the shore of Lake Huron. You guys rock! Ok. That was corny. But the rocks are cool.

Tentative Poppet nods to Dove for a possible waking moment. Even if their current ads are more clever marketing than company philosophy, the ads promote a broader concept of beauty. There's an interesting Article by Alicia Clegg that rings true.

I'm all for promoting a more intelligent concept of beauty, one I was nearly convinced could only be gained in art school. Dove's new Intensive Firming Lotion smells wonderful and feels good. Still, I don't forget the fact that if something could actually effect a molecular change in skin, it would be classified as a drug. No exceptions. See FDA.

I'm looking foward to some studio time. Not to come for a bit. Sometimes we tool along and other times we deal with the sorts of things best viewed through the filter of time. I could write them, couch them in fiction in the way that writers do. I could say, "it is what it is" and "this too will pass" or "monkey out of nowhere, " (not that one, really) but mostly, I count on that most times things tend to work themselves out in the work.
When the work is good, everything else can be fixed. Well, it seems that way to me.

So. Is it tomorrow? Tough concept, this one. Orion is gaining on it, I think...

But I did just notice that it's after midnight, which means that it's October 10, which means that the Halloween Sale starts in a matter of hours. Sheesh! There's new Halloween stuff, and some really fun stuff we found at the Worlds of Wonder gallery.

Time for sleep.


ravyn said...

Robert: email me today (nora at ravyn dot com). We need to talk. ;-)

Anonymous said...

To Orion...
It is always Today.
Tomorrow is a lie.