Friday, October 20, 2006

Concrete donkeys know. Scientists know.

From Kai in Morongo Valley, CA. Kai is very cool and once sent me a video of his cat eating a rat. It might be the most disturbing bit of film I've ever seen. One day I may post it, perhaps in the Backroom I can't seem to get to opening.

We have officially reached the point of Studio Saturation.

We must employ more rats. Soon, very soon.

I really like this one. Crisp symbols. The Poppet observer,
the open door,
the satellite
best of all, the concrete donkey.

It's richer than dark chocolate. Kudos to you Kai--good one.

We listened to the interview with Nobel Prize winner Peter Agre, M.D. on the Colbert Report.
He talked about the serious need for scientists to get involved in policymaking. He talked about getting scientific knowledge into the hands and minds of an oblivious public.
Carl Sagan wrote about the serious need for scientists to get involved in policymaking too, years ago. He wrote about how important it is to educate ourselves.

People like Dr. Agre and Dr. Sagan know we're in deep shit.

So many sleep. A few of us wander the halls awake, wondering what the hell we can do to help. I know I do.

wake up wake up wake up

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